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About HK Steel Art

Hailey King began creating steel art in January, 2017. She learned to plasma cut and weld from her father and has been creating one of a kind plasma cut steel art since then. She loves taking cold hard sheets of steel and turning them into beautiful soft, flowing works of art. Inspired by the low country where she has grown up, Hailey’s creations include fish, crabs, herons, mermaids, states, oaks, and palm trees.

Each piece is hand drawn and hand cut with a plasma torch; no two pieces will be exactly the same. Pieces are grinded, torched, or painted and finished with an automotive clear coat to help prevent rusting for use indoor or outdoor. All pieces have a welded washer on the back for hanging or have a base for sitting on a flat surface. Customized pieces and logos can be ordered with a picture provided. 

If Hailey can draw it, she can make it!

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